Feedback About Our Online Courses

Jennifer J – March 2023

It was nice to have a one on one meet with Kate before the course began. I felt comfortable that we could introduce ourselves before the course began. Kate and Gai are very kind and compassionate humans and teachers! their gentleness and wisdom is expressed in warmth and depth.

Miyuki K – March 2023

Thank you so much for the course. very innovative online course that motivated me to finish each unit to the end of Module 1. also each unit was more informative than I expected and gained more understanding , importance about oncology massage. I liked step by step process – theory, prac, test. I couldn’t join zoom meetings due to my busy life – working. However I could catch up, watching all zooms that were very important and interesting topics. I really appreciate for the effort and dedication you put into this course.


Melissa M – March 2023

I really enjoyed the zoom meetings. I learned a lot from the discussions and I think getting to know the instructors made it feel more like an in person class. I’m looking forward to the next session. They know their stuff and are great at teaching it. Very happy with them!


Anonymous – March 2023

All the content was excellent. My clients sometimes talk about having friends or family members with cancer or side effects of chemotherapy. Now I can understand what is going on to them and the situation of cancer patients. Balancing work and study can often be stressful, but this course gave us plenty of time for each unit. It was great.


What Our Clients Have Said About Our Earlier Training Programs


Ronna Moore, (Oncology Massage Service, Peter Macallum Cancer Centre)

I participated in Oncology Massage Training programs over a number of years, including being amongst the first cohort to undertake OM Modules 3 & 4 conducted at The Austin Hospital, followed by a brief period as a support OM facilitator. I am currently employed as an Oncology Massage therapist at a major cancer hospital and research centre in Melbourne, Victoria. Kate Butler, along with the founder of OMT, Eleanor Oyston, was a key facilitator in the above trainings. Kate is a skilful, knowledgeable and engaging communicator, who very effectively models a synthesis of compassion and evidence- informed practice. Kate inspires and supports students of OM to be the best therapists they can be.


Kathleen Murphy (Oncology Massage Bendigo Hospital Palliative Care)

I have had the privilege and great benefit of Kate Butler being the facilitator for the Oncology Massage Module 1,2,3,& 4 training, as well as a mini tutorial between the years of 2014 & 2018. I am currently a Tutor for Oncology Massage Module 1 & 2 courses with Oncology Massage Limited. At a local level I have a Remedial massage, private practice, in which I specialise in Oncology massage. I am also contracted as an Oncology Massage therapist 1 day a week in the Bendigo Health Palliative Care Hospice, and 1 day a month In the Bendigo Health Cancer Wellness Centre. I have experienced Kate fulfilling the role of Oncology Massage Facilitator most professionally with both a broad academic knowledge, and a wealth of wide experience. She makes participants feel at ease to approach her with questions, which she is willing to enter into discussions in depth outside of structured class time. She is very thorough and well organised. I have found Kate to actively promote Oncology Massage, and is always willing to network and support others working in the area. In plain English, Kate is a very inspiring teacher of Oncology Massage, it is, in part due to this quality, and her willingness to continue to guide and encourage that I am now working in the areas of that are listed above. Any involvement Kate has in teaching Oncology Massage will be of significant benefit to the promotion of excellent standards in this very specialised fields.


Gabrielle Walker

Recently retired, I am a registered nurse of 40 years, worked in palliative care for 20 years and a remedial massage therapist for 20 years. I was fortunate to be one of the first Oncology Massage Therapists to work at the Olivia Newton John Cancer & Wellness Centre at the Austin Hospital. I’ve known Kate since 2010 and worked as a cofacilitator when Kate was lead instructor of Oncology Massage courses in Victoria. Kate is an inspirational teacher. She is well researched, knowledgeable, patient and has a talent for making things interesting for all, while presenting information in a an upbeat way that all who are present can understand. She is a skilled practitioner with a great method of teaching practical skills. A pleasure to have worked with you Kate.


Bronwyn Hogan (Oncology Massage Provider, Olivia Newton-John Cancer, Research & Wellness Centre, Austin Hospital)

Over the past 10 plus years I have had the pleasure of working with Kate across a range of professional capacities (student facilitator, co-facilitator, co-worker). Throughout this association I have had the privilege of experiencing Kate’s teaching brilliance. Her innate curiosity, compassion and empathy creates a naturally safe learning environment, the depth and breadth of Kate’s professional and personal experience enriches the material with insightful and real examples that deepen one’s appreciation and expectations of the work in practice. Furthermore, Kate’s impressive linguistic ability enable her to convey the more complex aspects of the material in very simple and easy to understand concepts and principles. An OM course with Kate is not to missed! It is a valuable learning experience for anyone eager to embrace Oncology Massage! It is also magical to witness Kate’s many years of hard work now truly manifesting into a mission and vision to grow and integrate Oncology Massage globally.